Planes, trains, and automobiles

What luck! I could not have planned the timing any better – in between flights and the spring break mad dash out of Michigan – I arrive to a nearly empty airport. I begin to enter my information into the kiosk when a friendly Delta agent comes over and asks if I need any assistance. We chit chat, laugh and talk about Grenada. I am checked in and so is my bag. Next stop security. Are my eyes deceiving me? – Absolutely no one in line. Never, ever has that happened. I joke with the TSA agents and breeze on through. In and out of security in five minutes flat. This is the sign of a good trip.  Nothing can go wrong, right? Okay yes things did, but minor details like not having a pilot and a lack of light bulbs in the cockpit, but these are all minor because after a nearly two hour delay we finally leave Detroit for JFK to begin our journey in Grenada.

Despite the travails we had getting to Grenada we did make it in one piece – a little tired, a little excited and terribly happy to see the sun (which has been suspiciously absent in Michigan).

As we travel from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the open air market, I see the students taking in the sights and beginning to process what they are seeing around them. While the market trip is a fun excursion, it is also the opportunity for the students to gain a deeper understanding of the culture, the community, and the people before the real work begins on Monday.

So after a day of planes, trains (okay so the train was really a tram at the airport), and automobiles, the true journey begins as the students begin their  journey of discovering public health and its practice in Grenada.  The true journey, however, is was they discover about themselves and the work they hope to practice in the very near future.

Haddi Cham and Hillary Craddock

Arriving at JFK (finally) Haddi Cham and Hillary Craddock


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