Life on the Expressway

We all had busy full days of interviews, driving from one location to the next and exploring the South Texas countryside. My group had an exciting day gaining the perspectives of various health care or service providers currently working with elderly adults. Each individual we interviewed had a different perspective on the priority areas and challenges facing the individuals in the area and provided us with very valuable information for future preventative health program development.

We have had some fun times trying to get around McAllen and surrounding areas with the expressway cutting a wide path straight down the middle, dividing the chick-fil-a from the fresh fruits and vegetables that some of us have started to crave. Regardless of where we want to go, ‘smartphone’ navigation always directs us on to the craziness of 83, keeping us in the fast lane and leaving little opportunity to get lost in the quirky outskirts.

Now we are gearing up for the spring break within spring break at South Padre Island, where the wind will hopefully blow the clouds away so that the sun we were all soaking up on Monday will return!


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