Being present

Something truly incredible about this trip has been our ability to unplug and connect with the people of Grenada, the students at St. George’s University, and each other.  With no cell phone service and inconsistent Internet coverage our energy is being fully invested in our projects. Losing the distraction of cell phones and emails allows us to engage in conversations, listen actively, and get to know people on a personal level to build vital relationships. 

Many of us are letting our in-boxes get a little more full than usual as we recognize that our time here is short. We are also more observant, looking out our windows rather than at screens as we drive to our sites each day. Lack of coverage also teaches us to be better communicators and to be clear about our plans for each day as it is difficult to reconnect after the groups have gone their separate ways. Do you remember the days before cell phones? This is what it was like.

There is definitely something to be said about being present in the current moment, not worrying or wondering about the past or the future and giving the most we can each day. Just imagine the difference we all can make by taking this practice into our personal and professional lives.

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