Healthy Living

IMG_0018Early in our stay in Grenada, my colleague Dana Thomas, PHAST program lead, asked me what positive indications of health I’d seen in the country. One sprang to mind immediately: fresh fruits and vegetables, locally raised and widely available—in markets, on roadside stands, at breakfast in our hotel every morning. The woman who operates the stand shown here told me she’d cut all these bananas from her own garden a couple of days earlier. I bought four. Yum.

Grenada seems way ahead of us on this front. A year-round growing season helps, I’m sure, but so do attitude and habit.

A second, and possibly even more striking, example of good health, is tobacco use—or the lack thereof. In four days on the island I saw one person smoking. One. And she seemed to be a foreign student on the campus of St. George’s University. I can’t think of any place I’ve visited where there are fewer smokers. I don’t know what’s behind it, but the phenomenon seems worth investigating.


One thought on “Healthy Living

  1. On our way back from Gouyave yesterday, our bus driver opened the floor for questions about the island. One student asked the most common cancers found on the island and we were all surprised to find that according to the bus driver, lung cancer is very rare. He said that smoking cigarettes is done by only a tiny minority of the population and thus the lower rates of lung cancer. I think we all were amazed that cigarettes don’t dominate the culture here as they do in so many other countries.

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