What is Awesomeness?

I have certain ‘pet’ words or phrases that I like to use.  For example, I love to say cool beans when everything is going well.  More recently, I have incorporated awesome into my regular ‘pet’ word rotation.  Awesome can be said in so many ways – the drawn out awesome (aaaawwwesome) conveys a sense of agreement and joy, the quick awesome conveys acknowledgement and approval, the guttural awesome (awwwwesome) with a head nod conveys deep understanding.  Lately, I have begun to use the word awesomeness which kicks awesome up just a notch.

What is awesomeness? 

  • It is young people rising to the occasion to meet challenges and exceed expectations.
  • It is taking the time to  reflect upon what you are seeing and to ask questions.
  • It is overcoming fear of the unknown and facing it head on.
  • It is being flexible and adaptable to changing events.
  • It is working together as a team.
  • It is selflessness and endurance.

Awesomeness reflects the many qualities and characteristics of the people we have met on this journey.  It is Mrs. Jean Griffith and her commitment and dedication to change the landscape of sickle cell in Grenada.  It is Officer Curwen who tirelessly works for fitness to combat chronic disease.  It is Michelle McDonald who is working to improve the health of her staff.  It is Dr. Satesh Bidasiee whose enthusiasm and energy has created opportunities for PHAST in Grenada.

Awesomeness describes the three teams on PHAST: Grenada and the faculty and staff (those in front of the scene and those behind) who have made this week happen.

  • Team Spice Island: Caroline Kusi, Eva Shiu and Lauren Johnson
  • Team Sickle Cell: Hayley Getzen, Courtney Hanna and Clementine Fu
  • Team Sports for Health: Renee St. Louis, Hillary Craddock, Hannah Jary, and Haddi Cham

Special awesomeness goes to Dr.  Rohan Jeremiah without whom PHAST: Grenada would not be possible and Chinyere Neale who we enlisted and has been a tremendous resource.  Oh and my boss, the Associate Dean for Practice, Dr. Phyllis Meadows whose support, guidance and encouragement has been invaluable.

While this journey is coming to an end, it is only the beginning of the awesome possibilities these students have as they embark on their future public health careers.


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