Background on Mississippi

Map of Mississippi

The State of Mississippi


The Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) is providing an end of term field experience to Mississippi (Delta Region), May 12-18, 2013. This PHAST project will represent the eighth collaboration and trip to Mississippi. The work for this project will focus in the Delta region of Mississippi. The delta region of Mississippi faces a number of challenging issues in providing health care to its residents. There is limited access to health care facilities and providers, high rates of uninsured populations, and a higher-than-average prevalence of chronic diseases such as hypertension.

PHAST members will work with their long-standing partners, John Green, PhD, Director, Center for Population Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Mississippi and the Institute for Community-Based Research.  The work and partnership is driven by the needs of community organizations to assess the needs of the community to better serve them.  Five PHAST members, a UM Social Work student, and three University of Mississippi students will conduct focus groups and interviews in the Delta region.

The Practice Office will provide PHAST students with a project that will engage them in health and social justice issues in rural Mississippi. Examining health in a rural context will provide a unique opportunity to explore the complexity of public health problems as they impact communities and organizations. In addition, students will interact and engage with public health organizations, local researchers and community-based organizations seeking to improve the health of the community.


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