A word on internships

It’s summertime at UM SPH, which means that it’s very quiet around here. Graduated students have left us to go on to exciting careers and returning students are currently completing their public health internships. UM SPH students enrolled in the Master of Public Health Degree (MPH) in all five departments, students enrolled in the Master of Health Services Administration Degree (MHSA) in the department of Health Management and Policy, and students enrolled in in the Master of Health Informatics (MHI) Joint Degree are required to complete an internship as a condition of graduation.

The primary purpose of the internship experience is to help students learn how to apply theory and principles to work situations and to develop and expand professional skills and competencies essential to these tasks. Furthermore, it provides students an opportunity to explore areas of interest and accomplish meaningful professional work in a supervised setting. The expectation is for students to enhance their understanding of the issues and problems in day-to-day operations, recognize the relationship between the academic curriculum and professional work, and develop professional and personal skills through practice.

UM SPH students are interning at a variety of organizations throughout Michigan, the United States and the world. Below is a breakdown of internship placement locations for the over 240 students currently completing their internship:


Although most students are completing their internships right here in Michigan, we have quite a few students interning for organizations throughout the world. There are UM SPH students in twenty-one countries on four continents:

  • Africa: South Africa, Malawi, Ghana,  Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador
  • Asia: China, India, Thailand
  • Europe: Greece, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany


In addition to working at organizations throughout the state, country, and world, UM SPH students are interning with many different types of organizations aiming to improve the public’s health. Almost half of the students are conducting research or working with a healthcare provider, but there are quite a few students working with community-based or non-profit and governmental public health organizations.


Here are just a few of the organizations where UM SPH students are making an impact:

Blue Cross Blue Shield, ChemRisk, BP, Allegiance Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Food Gatherers, INTA, Abbvie, University of Michigan Hospital and Health System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NSF International, Eastern Market Corporation, Ministry of Health Peru, World Health Organization, Chevron, Detroit Medical Center, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, Detroit Urban Research Center, Impact India Foundation, John Snow Inc, Michigan Department of Community Health, United Nations, Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Foundation, Henry Ford Medical Group, Ghana Ministry of Health, Public Health Institute.


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