Halfway done!

I can’t believe I have already been at this internship for 6 weeks. It’s halfway over!

I have learned a lot in just 6 weeks. I started out knowing hardly anything about sexual and reproductive public health practice, but after attending webinars and in-person trainings, conducting literature reviews, and working with experts in the field, I feel confident enough in my knowledge in this area to be able to conduct evaluations of sexual health programs.

My evaluation project has evolved to include a web-design component. This is a truly collaborative project that requires the input of public health program managers, web designers, computer programmers, and healthcare providers. My responsibility is to spearhead the development of a medication ordering web portal for providers who dispense free antibiotics to patients diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhea, who then give these antibiotics to their sexual partners in order to reduce re-infection and transmission rates – a practice known as patient delivered partner therapy (PDPT) (more information can be found here). By making the acquisition of PDPT medications at the provider level easier, the program can be delivered more efficiently and effectively. Everyone at my organization is very excited about this project, and it’ll be nice to have something tangible to showcase at the end of my internship.

These next 6 weeks will likely pass much too quickly!

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