From the Polar Vortex to Paradise!

On Friday February 28, a group of ten students from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and members of the Public Health Action Support Team (PHAST) experienced a significant temperature transition. These students were on route to the annual PHAST deployment in Grenada. The temperature transition involved a 100oF transition form -13oF to 87oF in less than 24 hours.

ImageAt 3am on February 28 when we left Ann Arbor, MI the temperature was -13oF. On getting to Detroit at 5am, the temperature was -3oF in Ann Arbor and 1oF in Detroit.

ImageBy the time we got to Dallas, Texas the temperature was 24oF. The temperature was 78oF in Miami, FL. Then came our grand arrival on the Spice Island of Grenada at 8pm. At the time the temperature was 87oF.

Going through this 100oF was fantastic considering we all wanted to get out of the frigid polar winter of Ann Arbor, MI. That notwithstanding, the unique part of this experience was how our bodies were able to physiologically tolerate such a swing without any of us feeling ill. The key to this was the gradual nature of the transition. It took us 17 hours in all to make the transition. Thus, making the change tolerable and bearable for us.

In the end, we are in paradise and I would be bringing more reports as we settle. A few words that would remind the group of the weather in Ann Arbor are barred in our camp, so I’ll try to blog without being charged for using those words.

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