Border story

From the visit of border, it reminds me of the cultural burden since I am also a foreigner to America.

Indeed, we all hope to have a better life.

The truth is that people cross the border conquering the fear and spending their whole life saving, just for a better life.  They may take children, family and also the gambling attitude when they try to break the fence.  However, after crossing the border, there is a longer tough path waiting for them, limitless and invisible border.  This is related to not only economic status, but also the eagerness to pursue better quality of life in a freedom heaven.  I believe no body would love to be at risk of death or jail penalties for a reason to cross.  But this is the fact that there have been many Mexican trying to illegally cross the border back and forth, sacrificing their time, money and dignity.

Same situation happened in American, just in a different way.  I have heard that people came to USA for studying and then got married with an American which may not be a true love story in order to have a permanent residency.  This is another sad story just like the border story, because we all know that marriage is not a random event in life.  The pathetic and brutal reality reflects the economic around the world.  If people living anywhere, are happy, fulfilled and enjoying their life without burden of money, war and poverty,  the story of illegal immigrants would be not popular.

Sometime I think about the reason why I chose to come abroad, left my family in my country and tried to survive here.  I guess the only reason is that I want a better life too.  American dream never ends, no matter for border, for immigrants or for a studying abroad student.


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