New perspective from Texan

In our group, we will conduct one-to-one interview with the people who were recruited from a medical center to realize their attitude and perception toward the personal health record.  The interview is really important since we are the first team to conduct the whole project, and this new issue is really necessary to unearth from the perspective of improving quality and efficiency of patients’ health care.  We all know that the obesity and diabetes problem are mainly existing in Texas, therefore, in order to provide better health care and chronic disease management to people, combing the health IT with the health resources is necessary.  However, the lacking knowledge of technology and access to Internet might be the big obstacles to make the personal health record prevalent.  Thus, our mission is to start a new questionnaires interview with laypeople for deriving more information from them.

Overall, the questionnaire is really structure, and I am glad the questionnaire design including the application of service and system evaluation, and health informatics which I have learned from the school.  We spend a whole day participating the training, discussing the questionnaires and practicing the mock interview.  Even though we were all drained in our brain, I still feel it is really worth of being part of the team!  Especially I applied the knowledge from SPH and SI to the real work, all the efforts are meaningful from the PHAST.

Since there are majority of people who are uninsured with different reasons, such as the undocumented immigrants, closed to border and also the medical disparity between Mexico and USA around this area, the interview process is harder than normal especially we have to pay attention to the culture sensitivity.  I feel like it will be so much valuable experiences from this field trip in Texas, also gain some weights because I have had Mexican food EVERY DAY!

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