New beginnings of a Partnership

Throughout the week, Nana, Sarah and myself have been working closely with the Grenada Planned Parenthood Association (GPPA). Situated on Cockroach Alley, GPPA is a narrow building with a four-room capacity. The rooms have dual function as both exam rooms and offices for the health practitioners, and an office space for the GPPA administrator.
The problem:
GPPA suspects that an increased number of women are entering the clinic with various stages of cell abnormalities and bacterial vaginosis (BV). However, this observation has never been supported with data.  It remains unknown whether hygiene habits and sexual practices contribute to the suspected increased in BV.
Our contributions:
1. From our analysis for the 2013 calendar-year, the result supported the clinic’s observations about the number of women seen at the clinic having BV and/or cell abnormalities.
2. Collected data for electronic medical records and marble notebooks, organized all data into a single excel file and performed descriptive analysis for the 2013 calendar-year. This electronic recording excel sheet will be adopted by the clinic to ensure more organized patient info collection.
3. Created a framework questionnaire to standardize the questions asked to patients about sexual behavior and hygiene practices.
4. We reported our findings to the clinic, introduced the staff to the new system and made a few recommendations.
Overall, our contributions were well-received by the GPPA practitioners. Aside from providing the analysis needed to support policy, it is exciting to witness the start of a partnership between the School of Public Health and GPPA. It is rewarding to realize that this project has established a foundation for potential SPH interns to expand upon.

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