In India the government has implemented Anganwadi program. Here, in every few blocks of a slum there is a place where children can get breakfast. Children ages 7 months to 6 years old receive food like khichdi (rice cooked with lentils), mixed palao (rice cooked with soybeans, peas, & chickpeas ), sweet/salt dalia (oatmeal), or daal chawl (lentils & rice). The 1-6 year olds receive one of the following above in similar proportions. They receive snacks too. These consist of dried lentils or peas. For the 7 month to 1 year olds, these children receive punjeeri which is a mix of several processed grains. Something very new to me but apparently it is full of nutritious mix of grains. Its a wonderful program but unfortunately implementation of its standards is problematic. Part of my research project was to interview the Anganwadi workers to see what they are actually feeding the children in two slums. So the second part of this previous week I went to interview several Angawadis’ to see what they were doing. In Sangum Vihar, the workers really knew what they were doing. They knew exactly what they were feeding the children but were worried that they children did not like the food and needed more variation. In Lal Kuan, I was very concerned by the Angawadi program. At 11:00, we arrived at our first Angawadi and it had already closed an hour early because they ran out of food. As we arrived there and sat for one of the workers to show, lines of kids came to get food and unfortunately we could give them none. Throughout the day we unfortunately saw that most Angawadi’s were closed.



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