ASHA Worker

ASHA stands for Associated Social Health Activists. ASHA workers play a very important role in communities throughout India. They specifically work to help promote the health of women and children within their area. ASHA workers are members of their community and are volunteer participants in helping care for their community. In Sangum Vihar and Lal Kuan ASHA workers are responsible for certain blocks within their community. They have a range of duties including checking growth curves for children, promoting women’s health, and supporting the mother and child. I have had the fortunate opportunity to sit in on some training sessions for ASHA workers in Sangum Vihar. This experience has made me acutely aware of the struggles that women and children are experiencing in the community. The first family I was able to visit had a child born with cognitive delays. His inability to communicate was making it very difficult for the mother and child to understand what to do. The mother expressed how very isolated she felt and helpless. She had been to the local doctor and even put her older child in the care of her mother so she could concentrate on caring for the younger child. The ASHA worker was her connection to better healthcare and support. She explained to her the importance of going to a Pediatrician, checked the child’s growth curves, and was there to put her in contact with a specialist near her. I was very impressed with the organization and training of the ASHA worker. She even had a flip book with pictures to help better explain to the mother what she needed to do. In the second household we visited the child was refusing to eat and was not meeting his growth curve requirements for his age. So the ASHA worker helped the mother develop strategies to get the child to eat and even gave her suggestions on what to cook by providing the mother with a pamphlet. It was great to see how much effort these women were willing to put into caring for their neighbors. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂


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