Healthy Messages

For your viewing pleasure, a few of the public health messages I’ve run across this summer:


Paris, France: Notice about influenza and other respiratory diseases posted in a restroom

“Wash your hands multiple times per day”

“When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth & nose with your sleeve”

“If you have flu symptoms, call your doctor”



Hatyai, Thailand: Handwashing signs (notice the germ-monsters) posted outside the public restroom near our favorite market (Photo courtesy of MG)

(Sorry, can’t translate these for you!)

Sook Library Advertisement

Bangkok, Thailand: Advertisement for a new application designed to bring health materials and lifestyle tips to the masses of Thai people who rely heavily on mobile technology.  

Sook Library : Open source health and wellness materials distributed through a free app, advertised in partnership with the local public transit authorities.

Download for Android

iTunes download


What kind of messages have you seen?  What seem to be the talked-about public health concerns where you are?


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