Community-level Change: Starting with Informal Conversations

We are off to Grenada today! The project I am working on this week focuses on reproductive health. Farnaz, an epidemiology student here at UMICH SPH, and I are teaming up with students from the University of Chicago, and local organizations in Grenada to work on an exploratory study of the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of reproductive health issues within the Grenadian context. I’ve done some background reading on the context and reviewed the dearth of literature existing on reproductive health in Grenada, but I’m still not quite sure what to expect (this is also my first time traveling to one of the Caribbean islands). A large part of what we will be doing this week is engaging in informal conversations with women in men in the community to better understand reality and reproductive health from the their point of view. By staring with a health issue that is defined by the community, this will set a solid foundation for engaging the community throughout the process of creating a needs assessment instrument. Ultimately, the goal is that this needs assessment will serve as a tool to help create and sustain community-level and health systems-level change in Grenada.

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