Priceless Resources

Greetings from Grenada where the spices are abundant and the sun is warm! On our first day, we went on an island tour with a knowledgeable and welcoming tour guide named Mr. Mandoo. We drove along the circumference of the island, visited a waterfall, and traveled into a rainforest where we tried to feed bananas to mona monkeys. They weren’t interested. Throughout the journey, we learned about Grenada’s rich history, its people, and its culture. We saw an abundance of plants and vegetation to which Mr. Mandoo remarked, “The natural habitat provides priceless resources to the people.” In Grenada, this is especially true, seen in its spices, dark chocolate, breadfruit, and calabash bowls. Grenadians are truly resourceful.

I was surprised to hear that 40% of the population is unemployed. Grenada’s economy largely depends on agriculture and tourism, but lately, less individuals are working in the farms, creating economic shifts and potential public health issues. Furthermore, alcohol consumption is particularly high in Grenada compared to other Caribbean countries and could be a factor in sexual and reproductive health practices. I’m interested in learning more about how these economic and social factors play a role in general health and access to healthcare. Hopefully, my project conversations with Grenadians at the local market can shed some light. Until then, here are pictures of some of Grenada’s priceless resources!


A variety of spices sold on the island

fruits that produce some of the spices

fruits that produce some of the spices

calabash gourds ready to become bowls

calabash gourds ready to become bowls


a worker walking through cocoa beans at the Belmont Estate




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