Small Part of Home in South Texas

I’ve been in South Texas for just over twenty-four hours now, and I feel like I’ve been a whirlwind of activity since stepping off the plane. After settling into the hotel and mIMG_3979.JPGeeting our project coordinators today, I’ve found some similarities and differences between Texas to both back home in Iowa and Michigan.


  1. Everybody that I’ve met thus far has been super friendly.
  2. You have to drive to get to anything- no public transit here (just like at home in Iowa!).
  3. Rush hour is still rush hour no matter the location
  4. I can still eat. I’m a vegetarian- I was warned off the few options that are available, but so far it hasn’t been an issue.
  5. Harlingen, Texas has a Clark Street- the street I grew up on in Iowa.


  1. The exits off the freeway aren’t numbered. I learned this as I was driving to the hotel. I asked my co-pilot to just give me the number, so I could be on the look out. Sadly, that doesn’t exist here.
  2. Palm trees lining the roads, and wild sunflowers growing in the ditches.
  3. The high today was 61 degrees, which is not the norm for either Iowa or Michigan on the second of March.
  4. The crosswalk signs don’t always work, and drivers don’t always yield to pedestrians. I went on a run today and learned this the hard way.

So I haven’t been here that long or started to really dig into my project yet, but after getting acclimated to the weather and seeing some of the cultural differences myself, I’m excited to get started.


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