And we’re off….

Today was a very informative day! I’m not sure where to start…should I share with you the history lesson I received about the U.S. invasion of Grenada, maybe my quick cooking lesson about how to incorporate the vast spices that are produce throughout the country, or perhaps my failed attempt at calling monkeys?!? Actually, I think I’ll share with you some background on possible causal factors of incidence associated with abuse against women in Grenada.

In conversation with our knowledgeable tour guide, we asked him to share his thoughts about abuse against women. He explained to use that young women make up about 80% of enrolled college students in the Caribbean. Resulting in more women receiving and retaining most of the employment positions after graduating. In a country like Grenada, where the unemployment rate is 49%, women are securing many of the better wage jobs and also taking on responsibilities as the “head-of-household.” Assuming such roles counter the beliefs of men who believe that the woman’s roles are to care for their husband, children, and the house. This belief is often enforced by acts of physical abuse perpetuated by men when their authority is challenged by woman. However with the population we’re working with (rural populations) with limited education, unemployment, and few resources, alcohol plays an even larger role in abuse against women. Things that make you say hummmm…………


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