A Quick Store Run…..or rather a Quick Market Run

The informal market interviews I conducted on yesterday were very enlightening. Not only was I informed about the perceptions and knowledge about domestic abuse, but also introduced to aspects of Grenadian cultural.

In such brief conversations with locals, I was able to draw meaning about morals, beliefs, and values that run deep in Grenadian culture. Many of my interactions with locals provoked stimulating conversations about the importance of family and community.  The locals were open to share their families’ history and accomplishments. The reoccurring themes presented were: work ethic, security and support.

In reference to domestic abuse, locals described themselves as being supportive members and advocates in the education of domestic abuse. Locals spoke upon family values in conversations about domestic abuse. For example, a local woman identified Cedar Homes as being a place where women can reside in a supportive and secure environment.  Another woman said that Cedar Homes is a place where women can establish family like ties that offer valuable lessons the women can build upon once they leave. In terms of work ethic, an elder woman mentioned that family instills a sense of responsibility and accountably so that women can provide for themselves.

These words echoed in my thoughts today while I conducted interviews with key stakeholders for Cedar Homes. I was pleased to be doing work for an organization that had the support and investment of their community.  I am confident that I will be an added asset to the Cedar Homes project in carrying out the task I’ve be given!


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