Continuously Learning


These past couple of days have been filled with a tremendous amount of information, especially as it pertains to domestic violence being an issue on the island. My team and I have been able to talk specifically to Ministry of Health members, Board Members of Cedar Homes, Cedar Homes staff, and Cedar Homes residents in order to determine the impact that domestic violence efforts (mostly through the government) are having on the Grenadian society.

I think that visiting the home was by far the most enlightening experience that I have had thus far. Being able to see the home and talk to the women while they were there, really put their experiences into perspective. Although the women had come from situations in which they were hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally they had found an opportunity where they wanted to learn how to be independent and feel empowered.

Although Cedar Homes is not perfect, the women appreciated that there was a space available that they could escape from a high stress environment. Cedar Homes is definitely a place that could create a community of empowered and independent women who could leave the home better than they entered. I am excited to be a part of this process of determining how the home can be improved. At these beginning stages it is very comforting to see that there are staff members who care about seeing the women get better and women who are working on committing themselves to change.


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