Farewell Grenada!


In my last hours here I can finally take step a back and reflect on my time in beautiful Grenada. Today we were able to present our findings from the week (including recommendations and next steps for the University of Illinois at Chicago student coming in two weeks and the UM SPH student coming in the summer) with the Permanent Secretariat, Members from the Ministry of Social Development, and Cedars Home Board Members. Through this presentation they were able to set tangible goals for Cedars Home, and also recognize the strengths that all stakeholders see in Cedars Home. I definitely learned a lot during this project about domestic violence in Grenada and the efforts that are being put forth to address this issue. I was also able to see how different aspects of the Grenadian culture (i.e. unemployment and alcohol consumption) have an effect on domestic violence.

In addition to learning a lot about domestic violence and its prevalence in Grenada, as well as the Grenadian culture, I was able to learn a lot about how to work in a continuously changing environment. It was sometimes very stressful not to know all of the details of what we were going to do on a day to day basis. I’ve worked on many projects in which I’ve had to be adaptable before, but this was extremely challenging due to the limited amount of time that my team and I had to complete a very significant task. But with both limited prep time and limited time on the ground, I believe that my team and I were able to accomplish  a great deal and created a solid foundation for future work to be done to improve the effect that Cedars Home has in Grenada.

I’m very excited to see where this project will go and am anticipating collaborating with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the summer intern from UM SPH.


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