Goodbye Texas, Hello Michigan

I can’t believe our time in the Rio Grande Valley is over! We’re in the airport right now waiting to board our flight. In some ways it feels like we just arrived and in others it feels like we’ve been here forever. The week was such an eye opening experience. Certain times during the week I remember thinking the communities down here seem miles ahead of us in involvement and the way everyone seems to genuinely care for one another.  You could tell just from talking to different navigators that when they couldn’t help a family get insurance it sincerely upset them. I found myself wondering what the results of the study would be if the same interview questions were asked in the metro Detroit area.  I don’t think we would find the same passionate responses.

Last night we had our final presentations where all the groups shared what they did for the week. It was really fun to see how different groups spent their time. All the UTPA faculty came too.  Afterwards we went to dinner at this absolutely AMAZING restaurant in Mcallen called House, Wine, and Bistro.  I ordered linguine and chicken in an asiago sauce. Now, I don’t usually rave about food but this was the best meal I’ve had in months. It was definitely a great end to an amazing trip!


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