Michigan vs South Texas

We’ve been in Texas for two days and I’ve already seen so many differences between here and Michigan. Two things in particular have really stuck out in my mind. Yesterday, my group members Aparna, Abby, and I went to HEB which is a store comparable to Kroger. We were hoping to get some fruit to take back to our hotel and quickly located the strawberries. We were happy with the price of $1.99 but after looking at them realized they were already moldy and rotten. Obviously we chose not to get them. When we went down the chip aisle, we noticed a family size bag of Lay’s was also $1.99. While this was only one experience, it made me think about the obesity rates in Texas. If healthy fruits are difficult to find fresh and chips are cheap, what’s the incentive for people to buy the healthier option?  Even I was tempted to buy the bag of chips because of the great price and I’m a public health student!

Abby and I went for a run yesterday and had such a hard time finding a safe path. We ran on sidewalks along the main road until we got to a decent size intersection. The pedestrian cross signs weren’t working/there weren’t any, so we crossed the street when we thought was appropriate. Someone turned right on red and almost hit Abby. They were honking at us and all upset. It definitely made me appreciate Ann Arbor where pedestrians always get the right of way.

It’s been so interesting to see all the culture and lifestyle differences. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for us.

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