Buenos di…. I mean good morning…

Michigan has pleasantly surprised us with a little sunshine to welcome us back to the North.

This week has been long and exciting. Reflecting on how much work we accomplished this week, 280 surveys collected, coded and entered, I realize that I have not taken much of a break. The work we did this week is only a peek at what the Public Health field entails. That being said, I think I am in the right place.

All of the time, effort and brain power spent this week was beyond worth it. The only thing that has been disappointing upon my return home is that Michigan is still mono-linguistic. In my head, I just knew that over a week, Michigan had decided to become bilingual. I got so acclimated to greeting others in Spanish, or even saying good morning and hearing a response that now my ears are searching for any language other than English. Before we left for Texas we talked in our class about culture shock, and I think I am more shocked about the culture here at home than I was about the culture in The Valley. Even though I was nervous about functioning in a bilingual environment, I realize that I truly enjoy it and have even begun to miss it. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to relocate to Latin America when I finish here at UM SPH.


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