One Food I Haven’t Tasted

There are few foods on earth that I hesitate to eat, or at least try once. While traveling abroad, I tried alligator meat and ostrich meat, and even snacked on a dried worm. In the US, I encountered my first jar of soaked peanuts (of all different flavors), on a visit to North Carolina, and while living in Tucson was offered plenty of bowls of menudo, a Mexican soup made with beef stomach, which I sampled once and decided that was enough. There was no hesitation for any of these foods; when would I ever be able to try them again? And, how cool is it that I can say I ate a dried worm and survived to tell the tale?
In just less than a month I’ll add another weird food to my list: A koolickle. Yes, in just less than one month I shall be crunching my teeth into a pickle that has been soaking in Kool-Aid, with no hesitation. But it’s not just the koolickle I hope to taste with no hesitation; it’s the town I’ll be in, the region I’ll be in, the state I’ll be in. Less than a month until I travel to the Mississippi Delta Region, the Deep South for the first time. But I won’t be alone. I’ll be traveling with fellow School of Public Students through the PHAST organization, with the hopes of assisting a local organization in assessing the livelihood needs of the community. I’m prepared for the region in the same way I’m prepared for the koolickle; I’m versed in its history, and because it still exists, I know there are people who are passionate for it. I know there’s a different culture surrounding it and even a different lifestyle. And I know I’ll take a bite out of both with no hesitation, many sensations, and the openness of being changed by the experience.




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