…Next Stop: Rio Grande Valley, Texas

I am looking forward to visiting the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas next week for so many reasons. The last time I was in Texas, I stayed in Austin for a research conference. After a background search on the  Rio Grande valley, I am certain that my trip there will be completely different from my visit in Austin.

In addition to my excitement and interest in the Spanish culture of the Rio Grande Valley, I am probably most excited to work on the community needs assessment project. This will be my first time  working with a health department. I look forward to working with the  Hidalgo Health Department on their community needs assessment. I anticipate the learning process that will come along with the data collection, data analysis and recruitment from conducting the assessment.  Most importantly, I am anticipating learning about the community and connecting with them to better serve the needs of the community the health department serve.

I am excited to encounter all of the beautiful aesthetics within McAllen, Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas. I can’t wait to experience the crash of the waves at the beach and see the palm trees. Ever since my first trip to California when I was younger, I fell in love with the sway and structure of palm trees. Additionally, I am excited to emerge myself in the Hispanic culture that is very prevalent in the southern region of Texas.


By: Gustavo Rezende

The last time I emerged myself in Hispanic culture was when I visited Barcelona, Spain in 2013. I admire the Spanish culture and I‘m anticipating the Spanish culture experience of the Rio Grande Valley.

As I prepare for my trip, I have no expectations except a huge open mind and readiness to learn and grow from Rio Grande Valley…




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