The Perfect Balance

As another snowstorm blows through Michigan, I go to my closet and fish out the snow boots I prematurely (optimistically!) put away a few weeks ago. Winter has played tricks on us this year, vacillating between deceivingly warm days that make you think, “Spring came early!” and harsh, windy days that jolt you back to reality. Today is a jolting day. But, alas! I can’t bring myself to be too disappointed because we are leaving for warm, tropical Grenada in two days!

I’ve had a page for St. George’s pulled up on my weather app since last week. 82 degrees! Sunny!

But I’m looking forward to more than just the weather (although who can forget…82 degrees! Sunny!) While we are in Grenada, my group will be conducting focus groups to inform the final development stages of the country’s first National Reproductive and Sexual Health Survey. Hopefully when we are done we will have a final version of the survey that will be ready for pilot testing by the next group of students who go to Grenada. I am very excited and honored to be working on this project, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the survey finally turns out. I’ve enjoyed preparing for this trip because on the one hand I’m doing something outside my comfort zone: going to work in another country, while on the other hand I’m using many of the skills I’ve learned in my MPH program: survey development, qualitative research methods, and cultural humility, to name a few. I feel the perfect balance between being challenged and prepared, and I hope this is indicative of how I will feel in a few months when I am working as a public health professional in the real world! I’m excited to leave and start our work…see you soon, Grenada!

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