On To Grenada!!

As we prepare to leave for our trip, I realize how fast the time has flown by. Already, are departure approaches and as snow falls down in thick sheets, it’s hard to imagine that in just a few days time, we will be on the island of Grenada. Working on survey development with Grenada Planned Parenthood Association new and exciting and I cannot wait to get there and really delve into it. All the work we have done and prepared for has been exhausting yet thrilling. After all this work in just a few weeks time, I cannot believe it is time to leave.

Similar as my PHAST trip to Mississippi last year, I feel a mix of anticipation and nerves. That familiar feeling of leaving my comfort zone and venturing into new territory has crept into my head and makes it hard to imagine actually being there. However the anticipation of getting to take part in this project and be in the field wins out over the nerves and calms me down a bit. No matter how much we students have prepared and worked, we know that there will be new challenges upon our arrival and new factors we will need to consider. We have worked hard to get ready and be as prepared as we can be when we arrive. But, as everyone knows, it doesn’t matter how ready you feel, you just won’t know what to expect until you get there. As we get ready for our adventure and start the hands on work of the project, I think it’s safe to say we are all ready for the challenges and to learn and grow through this project.


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