Go with the Yoga Flow

Starting with our 5:45 am flight from Detroit to Texas on Sunday I have decided to just go with the flow. Once we got to McAllen, Texas and were able to look around I was pretty surprised. I had always imagined Texas as a desert, but in the Lower Rio Grande Valley there are a ton of palm trees! The valley is beautiful, full of green plants and blue resacas.


On Monday and Tuesday my colleague Chelsea and I got a tour of Brownsville, Texas and the University of Texas School of Public Health Brownsville campus. We also got to see a few of the free exercise classes the Tu Salud Si Cuenta project has brought to the community. These classes are full of women working, sweating, and having fun together as a community trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chelsea and I were so inspired by these women that we decided to take our supervisor Amanda up on her offer of a free hot yoga class. Amanda teaches hot yoga once a week at a local studio in Brownsville. I had never done hot yoga before but decided to go with the flow and try it out. It ended up being just as hard as I expected it would be, but a lot more fun!


Chelsea, Amanda, and I after yoga


Wednesday, we got to hang out with the whole group and go to the Progreso International Bridge. The tour was amazing, because we were able to go underneath the bridge and see something we would have never been able to see. One interesting thing I learned about the bridge is that the two governments had to work together to make sure the bridge met in the middle, because they were both building their own half! Why they couldn’t have just had one side build the whole thing I don’t know.


View of Mexico from under the Progreso Bridge

All in all, this week had been amazing. Full of new adventures, and amazing new friends and colleagues. I guess going with the flow is working out for me.


Photos by Grace Christensen, and Amanda Dave.


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