Is it time yet…?


Caribbean Island.

Blue Water.

White Sand Beaches.

As I am writing this introductory blog, I am looking out of my window at the downfall of snow, icy roads. The street plows are coming down my street, pushing their shovels, clearing paths for those of us that have to brave the cold.

But in a few days I will be in Grenada.

Basking in the sun, sitting on the beach….and doing a lot of interviews.

I am excited to visit St. George’s and other parishes on the island, talk to the people in the market, and get to know how the government’s social services work. Grenada is very different from any country I have ever visited before, so I can’t wait to learn more about the history, the culture. Talk to the folks and pick up some slang. Mostly, I am excited to see how my public health skills can work in a real world setting.

All throughout my degree, I have been trying to take advantage of every opportunity to use my skills and apply theory to practice. In Grenada, I hope I am able to be a valuable resource to the Ministry of Social Development and Housing and to learn more about myself as a public health professional.

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