What is time…?

4 days down.

14 interviews down.

2 presentations to go.

1 report to go.

My time here on Grenada has been very, very busy. Each day has been filled to the brim with very detailed interviews talking with different officials in the Ministry of Grenada during the day, and compiling and sorting all of our notes at night. We laughed when someone asked us if we had made it to the beach yet.

I thought talking with government officials was going to be scary and intimidating; after all they have extremely important jobs. But, after meeting the Minister of Social Development and Housing (seriously, the Minister) and then conducting our first interview, I felt so at ease. Grenadians are so kind and understanding. They have been more than generous with their time and have provided us with great insight for our project.

My team and I have been endowed with the large task of mapping social services, so we are collecting information from many different departments and programs on the services they provide to the people of Grenada. Being an outsider, I was surprised at how transparent and how willing everyone has been to share with us. There are also some incredible programs in place that I want to learn more about.

Because we have done nearly all of our work within the Ministry’s main offices, we haven’t really had many chances to interact with the residents of Grenada out in the community, and that has been a little disappointing. We have had a lot of conversations about Grenadian culture with various individuals that work for the government, but it would be nice to get a different perspective. I am hoping that through the rest of this week I have a chance to see the more informal atmosphere of the island and speak with locals and get their take on their country.

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