“I Don’t Work Hard. I Work Smart.”

These are the wise words of Mr. Dave Alexander whom Rachel and I had the pleasure of working with this week. During this week we faced many challenges, but because we worked smart we had the time to explore the beautiful island of Grenada.

We came to Grenada to work and work we did. The objective of this project was for us to capture what principals, students, school counselors, attendance officers, and the Ministry of Education thought about revisions to the National Schools’ Policy on Drugs.  We traveled to four schools in order to interview students as well as principals. Early on, I realized how important it is to be flexible because at the first school we had a group of around 50 students instead of the 15 expected. Mr. Alexander has a great way of working a large room and Rachel and I learned a lot from him on how to keep the attention of a large group.

Though we came to work, he made sure we had some time for fun. Mr. Alexander always encouraged us to finish our work in the morning so we could explore the island and the beaches in the afternoon. Not wanting to disappoint him, we made sure to make it to the beach.

Everyone I have met in Grenada was been so welcoming  and it has been a pleasure talking to everyone that I have met. I will be disappointed to leave at the end of this week and go back to the snow in Michigan. I will try to remember during my last semester at The University of Michigan to make sure that I work smart, not hard.

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