Lessons Learned


Well, the week is over and we’re headed back north to the cold and snow. Back to our bubble that is Ann Arbor and to learn more about the research and public health skills necessary to do the work we accomplished this week. I am so thankful, proud, and happy to have spent my spring break away.

While we were in Texas I feel that I grew so much: professionally, academically, and personally. Professionally through the connection and bridges that were built with our Texas partners and with my team members. I had friends that went on this journey that I had known prior to the course, but now my network has expanded even more with the relationships I’ve built with all 8 of us who adventured down to south Texas. I grew academically through the application of the classroom skills I’ve been applying throughout the week. I was able to see survey implementation in action and even flex some of my SAS skills at the end of the week through the preliminary data analysis. And, I grew personally through the exposure to the life that is South Texas. Visiting the border and the Progreso International Bridge forced me to reflect on my life and be reminded of the things I take for granted like my citizenry and health. This trip has shaped my perspective in a way that will forever resonate with me.

From the fantastic dinners we shared to the hard work and success (we collected over 450 surveys and conducted preliminary data analysis on 75!), my experience this week with PHAST, our partners in the Rio Grande Valley, and my teammates and friends is a highlight of my graduate career thus far. The picture attached to this particular post was taken on Friday when we gave our final presentation; Dr. Ghaddar, our preceptor for the week, is flanked by her Michigan students. I am thankful to her, her staff, and the entire community for welcoming us with open arms and trusting us with this task. Thanks for reading, gracias por su tiempo, and Go Blue!withdrghaddar


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