Reporting from Grenada!

My experience here in Grenada has thus far been pretty wonderful. One of the first things that struck me about Grenadians, is how amazingly kind and generous they all were.

Even their signs show their sense of humour!

Even the signs have personality!

One of the major cultural differences that I have noticed here, is that there is not the same culture of excess that we have in North America. We have often found that individuals or businesses would make only a certain number of products (whether that be chocolate, cake, or rum etc) for the day, and if customers came looking for a sold out product, they would calmly explain that they sold their whole daily batch. Whatever waste or excess that they have, they tend to try and reuse or feed back into the cycle. Speaking of recycling, they actually use a single stream waste program, meaning that as an individual, you throw in both waste and recycling into the trash bin, only to be sorted out by the garbage processors later.

My teammates and I have been very busy these past few days conducting interviews with government officials, and we have met some incredible people doing so. As Americans (or Canadians), we have the luxury of being able to specialize in fairly specific fields. However, these government officials are expected to deliver so much, and are really jacks of all trades!

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