A Pinch of Nutmeg and Dash of Spice…

12819368_10205915593470108_1246131426942846828_oReflecting on this trip, there were a lot of moments to look back on. There were challenges and triumphs, hard work and laughs, and lots of moments to learn from. There are many different things I could write about or discuss but there was one constant thing that we all on the trip realized and that was collaboration and camaraderie. Throughout the week, Emma, Farah and I worked together on this project with Grenada Planned Parenthood Association (GPPA). We found even ground and faced the changing schedule and tasks together. Although we didn’t always see eye-to-eye about everything, we worked together and met each other to find solutions. We each brought in our strength and helped each other through tough spots. We supported each other and came out with a product we were proud to present. Overall, we ended the trip a bit more tired but proud and happy with our work and with a mutual respect for each other.

As my two years here at the School of Public Health come to a close, these trips have showed and taught me much about public health and myself. They have allowed me to see how public health work can be done in communities by working with its organizations and members. It has given me a chance outside of the classroom to learn about public health in an engaging and applied manner. More importantly, though, it has given me the chance to work in dynamic groups from different public health disciplines. It has allowed me to see my weakness and address them. It has allowed me to work past challenges and to find solutions with a team. It has pushed me past my comfort zone at times and allowed me to learn more than I ever could by just hearing about or reading experiences or work such as this. As I get ready to enter the workforce and leave this chapter of my life, I can leave with skills and experiences that can help me throughout my life.

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