Pre-Grenada: Sun brain and my pink pants dilemma

Bug spray. Check. Warm weather clothing. Check. Valid Passport. Check. Pink pants or no pink pants. No check. Can you tell I’m about to take a trip somewhere? Yes! It’s nine days until I leave for Grenada so my mental checklist is the constant mantra circling my brain. But, most importantly I can’t seem to decide on whether my pink pants are too pink for work, or if they will look less pink should I pair them with a dark shirt.


Who is this person that has invaded my body I keep asking myself? Normally, minutiae matters like clothing colors are never top of my day to day consideration, but as I prepare to head out to Grenada on our Public Health in Action spring break work trip I think it’s safe to conclude I’m suffering from premature sun brain. It is not like I’ve never traveled somewhere warm before. I grew up in the quintessential sunny location, but it is my first time heading straight from the freezer into the fire. So, I guess the thought of abandoning (I’ve never used the word abandon with such glee before) 15°F weather in favor of 90°F temperatures for a week is enough to tie me up in knots over pink pants!

Pink pants aside, I’m looking forward to the experience. Our class preparation seems like it just started a few weeks ago, but here we are at T minus 9 days to departure. The time has just gone by so fast. I expect an interesting and great experience working, especially with my University of Michigan team and the staff at the Ministry of Social Development. Perhaps most of all, I’m looking forward to the island camaraderie of the eastern Caribbean nation. And the FRESH FISH! Can you tell I’m a foodie? Guilty!

I do expect to be overcome with feelings too. The Caribbean deep down is still home for me so…#EMOTIONS. I expect to feel all things nostalgic deep in my soul because nothing puts things quite into perspective like returning home. I just need to get over this pink pants dilemma so I can reserve my emotions for all that will come pouring back to me when the plane circles and banks downward, signaling arrival at Maurice Bishop International Airport! Sun Brain here I come!



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