Sunscreen? Check. Bug Spray? Check. Extra room in my luggage for chocolate? CHECK.

On this frigid 20-degree-fahrenheit morning, it’s hard to wrap my mind around leaving for Grenada in just 8 short days.  I’ve already started laying out my summer clothes hoping that the excitement for our trip rubs off on my other school work (and maybe the weather too). I’m eager to see the island after spending the last few months learning about their culture, talking with community members and preparing for our project. Every conversation I’ve had has left me more and more antsy to get there and get to work.

Myself, along with Jaklyn and Quanshay are working on a project with the Ministry of Education in Grenada. We are hoping to assess the attitudes surrounding the Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Curriculum that is taught in schools on the island. We plan on understanding these attitudes largely through talking with local community members and stakeholders including teachers, administrators, and even students themselves. I’m hoping that through both our organic conversations and structured interviews we can build rapport and friendships with the local community. There are so many things to be excited about, but I’m also anticipating the unpredictable. No matter how much preparation and research we do leading up to our trip, I know that once we get there we will have to be flexible and think on our feet.  As nerve racking as those situations can be, I know they can be some of the most teachable moments.

Goodbye Michigan, see you in a week!


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