Next Stop Grenada

It feels like yesterday I was petitioning to get into this class, but in less than 7 days I will be in Grenada starting the field portion of my Public Health in Action course. For the past few weeks, I’ve been fortunate to work with some great colleagues, Melissa and Quanshay, who are Master’s students at the School of Public Health. It’s been a great experience to learn alongside them, especially coming from the School of Information. We have been able to bounce ideas coming from each of our unique backgrounds from contextual inquiry to focus-group methodology.

What has made my experience even more memorable is our contact in Grenada, Mr. Arthur Pierre from the Ministry of Education. He has been incredibly generous with his time, and from the moment we e-mailed, he was apt to respond and even introduced us to several other colleagues during our initial client meeting. We were able to discuss the issues, resources, methods, and expectations regarding our project. And by the following day, Mr. Pierre even sent us a preliminary schedule for our trip! His enthusiasm made our team all the more determined to truly deliver.
As our departure day draws near, we are working diligently so that we can hit the ground running once we reach Grenada. Our team has had great chemistry since the start, and I’m confident in our abilities to work well in the field. So I’m particularly excited to see how our preparation will come together or, quite possibly, fall through.

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