Grenada Pre-Departure Pondering Anxiety….aka GPPA!

I have had the privilege of traveling through UM affiliated programs before, but the context of my previous international experiences were focused on my identity and what it meant to travel independently. Prior to departure, I had the normal mix of excitement and pondering of whether this was a good idea to participate in this program, but Grenada raises other emotions in me. Despite my previous experiences something about Grenada feels more intense.

The week we are serving as consultants in Grenada for Grenada Planned Parenthood Association (GPPA). GPPA has been diligently working on producing and administering a national survey on sexual and reproductive health. It is a comprehensive and important task for GPPA, so naturally there is much more pressure not to disappoint. I have mixed feelings about how much we can accomplish together with GPPA in a week. In essence, the anxiety and nervousness I feel stems from the depth of the project and the lives that it is projected to impact. Planned Parenthood has and continues to serve as a source for many residents of Grenada. I hope that in this week, our team can complete the tasks of highest priority for the GPPA team to move forward with the  survey.

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