First Passport Stamp  

I have never left the country in my 23 years of life. My name is Laurepassportn Murphy-Moore, and I am originally from Iowa City, Iowa. Currently, I am Health Management and Policy student at the University of Michigan School of Public Health pursing a Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA). I am incredibly excited to travel to Grenada and work
with the Ministry of Social Development, but I am especially excited to expand my own understanding of the world I know. I think it would be great practice working with a community that already has infrastructure and an understanding of their community they work with on a daily basis and serve. I hope to gain a number of skills and tactics that I can take with me to do work in other areas within Michigan even after the trip.

I am excited that my first time out of the country will be in an educational setting because it provides more structure. I have already found that my teammates have different skills and perspectives that have made the strategic plans and interview questions more substantial. I can not wait to land on the island and see how everything comes into play once we actually meet Grenadians, and the professionals at the Ministry.

Looking forward, I have some worries and concerns going to a new place with new people to do a project that I have never done. Although I am nervous, I think it allows me to get out of my typical mindset and try new and different things. My supervisor asked me what I can improve on and I said innovation…I think this is a great opportunity to challenge myself personally, socially, and educationally. Miami here we come!


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