Somewhere Over the Rainbow  

Before my trip to Grenada I was concerned about the entire experience. I know from past experience that I do not work well under pressure, and there were still a number of unknowns when we arrived in the country.  And to top it all off…we had a forecast of rain. I was excited to go out out of the country, but I was also worried about all the things that I had to anticipate. On our first night we arrived late, and we could tell that it rained. I was a little worried about the weather for the upcoming days because I was looking forward to the warm Caribbean days that I heard about from others.

Each day had a range of challenges that we had to overcome whether it was transportation to the market place to have a meeting with a department in order to learn about a process or to learn that the man that I was supposed to being working closely with a medical procedure during the week so he was recovering for a number of days. The saying that I often referred to was “rolling with the punches”, but this trip was more than that. It was about adaptability and constantly trying to do the best work with the resources that one is given and supporting your team members to the fullest extent. I found myself reflecting on the fact that I had taken things for granted in the United States like consistent wireless internet in building that I work in. I realized that my reality was not the reality for the rest of the world but especially Grenada.

On our last day, we were scrambling around practicing our final projects and attempting to find a projector and computer to do the presentation. picture3After the day, we were all incredibly proud of the work that we had done in the four days of our trip. Throughout the trip we had issues and challenges, but more importantly we had laughs and pride in ourselves and our projects. Reflecting on my experience, the weather also reflected this. Each day there would be instances of clouds, rain, and wind in addition to sunshine and warmth. When the rain and the sunshine combine…the result…is a rainbow. Grenada has been an amazing first experience out of the country, and I am incredibly proud of the work and recommendations that have been created for the Ministry of Social Development and Housing. So as we took off this morning, we are somewhere over the rainbow, but Grenada will forever be in my heart.


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