Blogging Tips

Outlined below are a few tips to assist with your blogging efforts.  

  • 300-500 words
  • Use the first person or use an informal voice
  • Be specific, avoid broad-scope topics
  • Short paragraphs (no more than 5 sentences)
  • Utilize key words throughout your post
  • Avoid lengthy sentences (be aware of comma and semicolon usage)
  • Select a topic that you would want to read about

Web users scan for information rather than reading content word-by-word, so we need to break down the text (see Web Writing vs Print Writing by Kerry Redshaw). Use short headings, lists, and short paragraphs to make content easier to scan. Here are a few ideas for writing easy-to-scan content:

  • Use subheads. This breaks up your content into scannable chunks.
  • Use numbered lists. These are fun to write and read.
  • Have fun with formatting. Make good use of the bold and italic formatting options.
  • Write like you talk. Blogging is different from your doctoral thesis or newspaper article. Blogging is about community. There needs to be a conversational flow to your content.
  • Give people an opportunity to participate. Allow people to join the conversation through commenting or via social media.

For more information, see Best Practices for Writing for Online Readers (3/16/12) by David Copeland.


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